Tarot Deck Reviews


We use the following decks for Goddess Flight Tarot Readings.

Choose from any of the following tarot card decks for any tarot reading you order. Find the tarot deck that fits your style, or try a variety of decks to match the type of reading you want. Below are sample High Priestess tarot cards and brief reviews of each deck you can choose. You can also select the link to purchase the deck through our Amazon.com store.

aquarian tarot deck

Aquarian Tarot

The Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini was published in 1970. It can be described as having an Art Deco style using muted natural grey tones and spots of color and movement. The Major Arcana and Court cards are more pronounced and detailed. The imagery is somewhat medieval. Some imagery strays from the traditional Waite deck, but it is more similar in imagery than not. Buy Aquarian Tarot Deck

cloisters tarot deck

Cloisters Tarot

Tarot of the Cloisters was created by Michelle Leavitt in 1998. However, it can be hard to find. The images are similar to the Rider Waite deck, but a stained glass effect is added and each tarot card if round, not square. Although round, Tarot of the Cloisters is not a feminist deck like the Motherpeace deck. Each card is designed to mimic stained-glass windows found in cloisters, which were buildings adjacent to 12th century cathedrals. Buy Cloisters Tarot Deck

gareth tarot deck

Gareth Tarot

This deck was designed by Gareth Knight and Sander Littel in the early 1960s. The style uses clean lines and bright large colors. The Minor Arcana cards are simple using only cups, wands, swords or disks as a focus. The drawings of people on the Court cards look somewhat rudimentary. Out of print. Buy Gareth Tarot Deck

morgan greer tarot deck

Morgan Greer Tarot

Designed by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan. Published in 1979. A good starter deck like the Rider Waite deck. The Morgan Greer deck has powerful imagery in rich and lush colors with good use of symbolism. Many people find the artwork easy to relate to. The Court cards have realistic-looking people. This deck is unique because the art work covers the whole face of the card with no white border like most cards have. Buy Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

motherpeace tarot deck


The Motherpeace deck as created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The art looks as though it was created by indigenous peoples, is bright and on round cards. The Motherpeace deck is considered a feminist deck. It changes the Hanged Man to Hanged One and the Hermit to the Crone. The Court cards are changed to Daughters, Sons, Priestesses and Shamans. This deck has definite Goddess and Shamanistic mythic imagery. Buy Motherpeace Tarot Deck

native american tarot deck

Native American Tarot

The Native American tarot deck was created by Magda Weck Gonzalez and illustrated by J. A. Gonzalez. The suits consist of shields, vessels, blades, and pipes. The imagery and symbolism draws on many tribes. The art is skilled and many cards are revealing of the cultures. The cards show scenes from daily life and folklore. Buy Native American Tarot Deck

rider waite tarot deck

Rider Waite Tarot

There are several versions of the Rider Waite tarot deck because of its age. This is considered the first deck & many call it a great starter deck for a new tarot reader. Most decks created are based on this deck with variations. The card images are heavy in symbolism with traditional court cards. The Rider Waite deck is the first deck to have complete pictures for each of the Minor Arcana cards, rather than just the suit symbols. Each card in the deck tells a story that beginners can usually interpret on image alone. Buy Rider Waite Tarot Deck

sacred rose tarot deck

Sacred Rose Tarot

The Sacred Rose tarot deck was created by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman in 1982. The cards have bright bold colors and are filled with forest imagery, flowers, nymphs, fairies and other creatures. The deck also incorporates Byzantine icons and medieval stained glass window imagery. It also uses some Qabbalistic symbolism in some cards. The Sacred Rose tarot deck is also a good beginner's deck. Buy Sacred Rose Tarot Deck

swiss tarot deck

Swiss Tarot

The Swiss tarot deck was first published in 1831. The colors are red, blue, green yellow, black and white. And the suit cards do not have scenes, only suit images. The Swiss deck is simple in coloration, but many of the images hark back to the first tarot deck images and contain ancient mythological imagery which is powerful. There is an English and French version of this deck. Buy Swiss Tarot Deck

ukiyoe tarot deck

Ukiyoe Tarot

The Ukiyoe (pronounced ookee-yoh-eh) tarot deck was created by Koji Furuta in 1980. The word Ukiyoe is a Buddhist term meaning "floating world." It is a Japanese deck with exquisite artwork and imagery. This deck is done in traditional Japanese woodblock style from the Tokagawa period of Japanese history. The deck art is detailed and vivid. The card numbers are in English and Japanese. The Ukiyoe deck Minor Arcana suit cards are mostly focused on the suit images with some pretty background imagery. Buy Ukiyoe Tarot Deck

How to Choose a Tarot Deck

How do you choose a tarot deck? The simple and straight to the point answer is to choose the deck that you like the best. Go with your intuition or your gut instinct. Or, just choose the tarot deck you find the most visually pleasing. If all of this is too much pressure, let the tarot reader choose for you. She will get an intuitive guidance on which deck is best for your reading.

What if I want to buy a deck for personal use?

If you are thinking about buying a tarot deck of your own, the same rules apply. Go with the deck you seem to be drawn to. Do not get the deck you think you should get; get the deck you truly want to get. Here are some tips to consider before buying a deck: How much money do you want to spend? Look around at what types of decks are out there. View the art on sample cards to see if you connect with the images. Consider if the size and shape of the tarot cards will work for you. Think about what you will use the cards for and if the deck will fit your needs.