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While you may not be anti-social, you do need (and deserve) your private time and space to retreat from the world. Unlike extroverts, you need to develop a concept of the world or some aspect of it before experiencing it. Too much socializing may sap your energies. Your energies are derived from exploring the inner world of ideas, impressions and pure thought.
You usually gather information with your senses: what you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell in the physical world. The facts gathered from the sensory data you process are the building blocks of your model of our world. You concentrate your energies on what actually exists and do not ponder what might exist too much. You are usually practical and rely on your common sense to guide you through the world. You see things as they are and have little or no need to search for underlying meanings.
You evaluate data and reach conclusions by using your ability to apply logical, objective analysis to the information before you. Your thinking process values consistency and fairness over the affect your decisions will have on others. You compare courses of action logically and make your choices based upon what consequences you see them as having. If there is something wrong with a plan, you are the one to ferret it out. It is important to remember that this does not mean you are cold and unfeeling, but that your thinking process is analytical.
You like decisions to be made as soon as possible. You are not comfortable with loose ends and like to see conflicts resolved as soon as possible. You have a preference for a well-structured, orderly lifestyle with few surprises. It may not be all that important who makes the decisions that gets things done as long things do get done. You take commitments very seriously. While you are not inflexible, you do like to stick to a plan once it is set into motion.
ISTJ Personality Type Composite

You are reserved and approach life carefully. You are a down-to-earth type person and very stable. You do not like change. Your perseverance and willingness to work hard ensure that you will get your tasks done. You are systematic and very well organized. Keeping your commitments is very important to you. You will do what you think is right and expect the same behavior from others. You are loyal and trustworthy. In a crisis, you are the one who will remain calm and work hard to find a solution.

In relationships you are a very loyal mate and will keep your word regardless of the situation. You express your love for others through your unwavering loyalty, reliability, and willingness to do practical things that will enhance you loved ones' lives. While your affections may run very deep for others, you may have difficulty displaying them. At times you may appear emotionally distant to those who care for you. .

Famous People of Your Type:

St Thomas, George Washington , Andrew Johnson, Benjamin Harrison, Herbert Hoover, George H. W. Bush, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Evander Holyfield, Jack Webb. Occupations Suited to Your Type Include:

Accountant, administrator, bank officer, programmer, construction worker, contractor, detective, electrician, engineer, attorney, manager, mechanic, military personnel, optician, paralegal, stockbroker, teacher, and underwriter.
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