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You are social and outgoing. You are most comfortable when with other people and experiencing the world first hand. Interaction with others and first hand experiences energize you. It is not unlike you to start conversations with strangers. You have a preference for the outer world: people, activities, and things. Other people provide you with a mirror, sounding board to help you develop ideas and plans. Being alone may sap your energies. Your concept of the world is derived from experiencing it firsthand and then drawing conclusions.
While you do process information through your senses you add a twist to your processing by relying on intuition and serendipity. You look for undercurrents of meaning and abstractions in what you experience physically. You do not just see things just as they are, but as what they could be. While you may rely on common sense at times, you trust inspiration far more.
You evaluate data and reach conclusions by using your ability to apply logical, objective analysis to the information before you. Your thinking process values consistency and fairness over the affect your decisions will have on others. You compare courses of action logically and make your choices based upon what consequences you see them as having. If there is something wrong with a plan, you are the one to ferret it out. It is important to remember that this does not mean you are cold and unfeeling, but that your thinking process is analytical.
You like decisions to be made as soon as possible. You are not comfortable with loose ends and like to see conflicts resolved as soon as possible. You have a preference for a well-structured, orderly lifestyle with few surprises. It may not be all that important who makes the decisions that gets things done as long things do get done. You take commitments very seriously. While you are not inflexible, you do like to stick to a plan once it is set into motion.
ENTJ Personality Type Composite

You make a very confident leader and enjoy being in charge. You are ambitious and do not hesitate to make decisions. You are a master at solving complex problems, and relish intellectual interaction. Your talent for innovation is bolstered by your ability to think analytically and logically. You value your independence and are a self-starter. Regardless of the task, your goal remains the same: to be the best there can be. Where others see obstacles, you see challenges.

In relationships you are sincere and plain-spoken. You need a life of gusto and an upbeat tempo. While very serious about your work, you do have a fun loving side that comes out often. You nurture those you care for by encouraging them towards goals you feel will improve their life and status. You see relationships as opportunities to learn. You may be a bit overbearing at times. Social status is important to you. You often hide the soft side of you by displaying a tough exterior to the world.

Famous People of Your Type:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard M. Nixon, Benny Goodman, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Sigourney Weaver, Margaret Thatcher, Al Gore, Candace Bergen, Dave Letterman, Jim Carrey .

Occupations Suited to Your Type Include:

Administrator, banker, curriculum designer, economist, engineer, planner, information technology manager, attorney, manager, doctor, psychologist, researcher, scientist, stockbroker, and systems analyst.
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