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Jaimie Cahlil - Transpersonal Art: Jaimie Cahlil lives and works in Oxford, UK. He says: "I'm profoundly moved by our 'waking dreams' - our earthly lives, our intuitive reaching for the 'light', our souls' searching for 'home'... My life's work finds equal expression within art and therapy, as I engage in the alchemical transformational process towards energetic balance and wholeness through my paintings - and my work as transpersonal psychotherapist. May the pictures I offer touch your soul." You may visit his art website's online gallery where his paintings are available for purchase - and where you may commission your own personal mandala. Jaimie Cahlil's work is also shown elsewhere - such as the European Transpersonal Association http://www.eurotas.org/art-gallery/visual-art/jaimie-cahlil.html and the Saatchi Gallery online www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/artist_profile/Jaimie+Cahlil/19016.html ...Limited edition prints of some of his less recent paintings are available on request from the artist.

All images are © Jaimie Cahlil. Pictures are not to be used in any way without express permission from the artist. http://www.cahlil-art.co.uk/

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