Astrology Report Just for Women

Womens Astrology Profile

A superior natal reading just for women!

This is the astrology zone for women only. Your astrological chart provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of your life: an understanding of yourself.

As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You wear a variety of faces and play many roles, experiences which can both enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life.

The Just for Women astrology reading reaches the true essence of the nature of woman, supporting her psychological, spiritual and emotional being. This is a 5 Star reading.

Understand Your Inner Feminine Self with Women's Astrology.

Exploring the journey of the nature of Woman through time, this reading exposes and transcends power politics that have suppressed the female nature throughout history.

Your astrological chart provides indicators which help to define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different in its make-up, and the myriad combinations of influences help to underscore the importance of each person as an individual.

One thing you must remember when working with astrology for women: it is through your free will that you make choices. Your "chart" does not make you do anything! Zone in on your options.

Womens Astrology Profile

The 30+ page astrology reading includes the astrological keys to:

*   Projecting yourself
*   Your feminine self
*   Your masculine self
*   Developing your mind
*   Your intuition
*   Nurturing
*   Meeting the world
*   Opening your heart
*   Power issues
*   Your divine self

This natal reading is designed for you: a woman in a world of change - a woman seeking to become whole. A woman who uses the power of the astrology zone.

Just for Women is a natal reading that covers every facet of the modern woman's experience: who she is, how she appears to others, how she relates to feminine and masculine qualities, developing the mind, using intuition, career and path, relationships, power issues, and embracing the divine self.

An in-depth look at the woman you are. A guide to becoming the woman you are meant to be. This report focuses on the feminine and masculine inner you, and the development of your mind, intuition and divine self. It offers guidance on opening your heart, becoming empowered, and much more. Astrology just for women.

We are finally acknowledging and realizing within today's world, that men and women experience life differently. We live in different astrology zones.

The workings of your psyche, symbolized by your astrological chart, are likely to be experienced quite differently through your filter as a woman than they would be if you were born male.

Embrace Your Divine Self in the Astrology Zone.

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Customer Reviews

"I was overwhelmed by this report, written just for me. I always knew that astrology provided insight, but this was more than I could imagine. It addressed me specifically, expounding on my mindset, my ambitions, my aspirations, and my search for that person who can take it all without flinching. That's so true. That's so me! I know that the report says that my astrological reading is merely an outline, but what an incredible one it is. Upon reading it, I feel energized, ready to take on the world around me in a way I never thought before. It is an empowering gift, one that every woman should give herself. Its impact will last a lifetime."

"Your Just for Women report really spoke to me. Owning your inner masculine self, developing my mind, my special edge and of course creating a loving and nurturing home are the challenges I face, like all women. To see this analyzed in terms of my birth chart was a moving and inspiring experience. Now I know the facets of myself I was scared to confront. The astrology zone analysis also taught me where my strengths lie and how to make the most of them. Love, sex, money, control - you cast light on all these aspects of my life. Thank you!"

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