Free Daily Horoscope for Zodiac Sun Sign Gemini


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
The Twins.
Ruling Planet: Mercury.
Mutable Air Sign.
Key Phrase: "I Think."
Colors: Silver & Orange.
Flower: Orchid.
Metal: Quicksilver.
Rules: Hands & Lungs.
Gems: Agate & Citrine.

Which Zodiac Sun Signs are Compatible?

Gemini is compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

How to Attract the 12 Zodiac Sun Signs in Love.

Gemini (born May 21 - June 20) - Geminis are impressed with expertise in any subject. They also respect someone who can tolerate their probing or engage in debate. Sharing gossip or having a good laugh are two ways Geminis like to pass the time. Boredom or conservative types turn Gemini off.

Which Zodiac Sun Signs have Relationship Challenges?

Gemini has relationship challenges with Virgo and Pisces.

Which Zodiac Sun Sign is Your Opposite?

Gemini is the opposite Zodiac Sun Sign of Sagittarius.

Why is Astrology Compatibility so important?

It is the presence (or lack) of compatibility in any relationship that causes the relationship to last or causes the relationship to fail. Consider these questions: How will you get along with another person? What will the highs and lows be in the relationship? Is this a match made in heaven or in hell? Astrology compatibility and love horoscopes give advice on love, relationships, romance, marriage, and other life issues. A love horoscope is one more key to creating happy and long lasting relationships.

What is a Love Horoscope?

A basic love horoscope is based on the sun signs of two people. Each sun sign has certain personality traits and behavior characteristics. If you know more about the Zodiac Sun Signs, you know more about the people you interact with. A love horoscope helps you compare the personal astrology charts of two people. With a love horoscope, you can then understand how to make a relationship more harmonious. For this reason, thousands have consulted the love horoscope as that special insight into their person of interest. A sun sign horoscope does not reveal all there is to a person. A sun sign horoscope merely gives you focused insight into a person. However, a full horoscope chart, which analyzes all the planets, gives you the entire astrological story.