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Your Sun Sign Natal Astrology Life Portrait.

If you never get another natal astrology chart, this is the one to have! And if you're just entering the world of astrology, you'll want this report first - it's the beginning of a whole new world of self-understanding. This astrology profile is direct, easy to read, simple to understand.

The Natal Astrology Chart Profile is one of the finest astrological profile reports ever made. The report's no-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how they affect you, have been appreciated by thousands. This astrological profile is much more in-depth than a typical sun sign reading.

This natal astrology chart profile is all about you:

  1. Who You Are From Birth: how your birth chart describes you, from tip to toe - your potentials, your talents, what's driving you inside and out. The fundamentals of complete horoscope analysis.

  2. How Your Life Develops: your stages of achievement through the years, as described by Saturn, the marker of time.

  3. What's Happening Now: your current focus and springboard to the future, related by Jupiter, the planet of growth.

The 30-40 page sun sign natal astrology profile contains 10 chapters, including a free 15-page introduction to astrology chart terms and concepts. Many reading a Natal Astrology Chart Profile Report for the first time appreciate having this handy tutor at hand to review astrology basics.

Natal Astrology Reports

This astrology profile also reveals your:

Burn rate - are you burning your candle at both ends, or do you conserve fuel? Do you run white-hot or are you cool to the touch? Take your life temperature...

Deep sky delineation - where zodiac planetary orbits cross tell the story of your most committed, unchangeable inner directions.

Soul survey - how your heliocentric (Sun-centered) and geocentric (Earth-centered) astrology charts combine to describe your place in the universe.

Finally, your astrology profile includes a free 15-page supplement of terms and concepts, a mini-manual that tells you what astrology is all about.

No matter what other astrological reports you eventually read about yourself, this is the one to start with. All the planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits, and everything else that makes up an astrology profile birth chart are laid out on the table.

Place of Birth:

Current Place of Residence:

If you do not know your birth time, 12:00 AM will be used.

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Customer Reviews

"Receiving this report has been an amazing boon to my perspective on life, myself, and my future. It not only helped me assess my present, but gave me a marvelous understanding of past events and helped me anticipate future ones. My ascendant sign was indeed key to unlocking it all, and I was thrown by how spot-on the reading was, how in-depth in was, and how it afforded me an understanding of myself that I was never able to put into words before. Thank you, Goddess Flight, for offering this service to those of us who are in search of answers. It has truly changed my life."

"I was a bit dubious when I ordered my Astrotalk astrological profile so imagine how surprised I am now to feel this excited. I understand now why my life has gone the way it has and why people regard me the way they do - and all this just from supplying you with my birth details! I have learned that I have a very fortunate chart. My dreams and ideals have been thrown into sharp focus and it was revealing to read about my 'burn rate'. It is comforting to know that my personality is integrated with the cosmos and wonderful to know exactly how and why. To know exactly who one is, is a priceless insight. To anyone who is thinking about having an Astrotalk analysis I say: go for it! It is well worth the money to have one's entire being explained in terms of the entire astrological universe."

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