Scrying - Seeing the Future in Your Crystal Ball


by Miles Tyler

There are many tools used by fortune tellers, magical practitioners, and psychics for predicting the future. The crystal ball is a tool that most everyone is familiar with through popular culture, though very few people actually know the theory behind the use of the ball for gazing.

The practice of using a reflective surface to "receive" psychic images is an ancient one. A variety of reflective surfaces can be used for scrying such as mirrors, crystals, crystal balls, and still pools or bowls of water. Nostradamus is said to have used a scrying bowl when divining the future. Scrying mirrors are pieces glass that are painted black on one side so that the surface gives a dim but clear reflection.

The art of scrying itself involves meditating while staring at a reflective surface in a dimly lit room. The room is usually only lit with the light of a candle. After a short time of staring at the reflective surface, images will begin to flicker before the eyes of the person who is scrying. The images are then interpreted and a description is written down. The traditional crystal ball gazing method is usually used when scrying for someone else and the images are interpreted aloud for the client. This method is the one that has been popularized and has been seen in countless television shows and movies.

The art of scrying is fairly easy to learn and the tools are relatively inexpensive. Practicing meditation on a daily basis is helpful in finding and maintaining the proper level of consciousness that is needed for successful scrying. First you need to have a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. The lighting must be as dim as possible. Candlelight is most conducive to the scrying process. It also helps the senses to burn incense such as Frankincense, benzoin, copal resin, or sandalwood. Another good fragrance to use is lavender essential oil. Lavender is excellent for relaxing the mind and stimulating the third eye. Some soft meditation music playing in the background can help you to clear, relax, and focus your mind. Make sure that you are seated comfortably upon a meditation pillow with your scrying surface directly in front of you in a position that is right for you. As you are staring into the reflective surface of your scrying tool, you will want to stare past your own reflection until it fades. After several minutes you will begin to see random images. They don't always make sense at first, but eventually with a little practice you may begin to see things that will later come to pass.

Scrying is a form of meditation that utilizes and strengthens the third eye which is also known as the sixth chakra or Ajna. It is through this spiritual energy center that we are able to perceive that which is otherwise beyond the means of experiencing in the physical here and now. This includes foreseeing the future through scrying as well as other means of clairvoyance such as remote viewing. By meditating daily and becoming aware of the seven spiritual energy centers or chakras, you can greatly enhance your scrying ability. Scrying is a passive ability and therefore does not require conscious concentration or mental effort to perform. If you try too hard your conscious rational mind will get in the way creating noise and interference that is impossible too see through. The more you relax your mind and let go of preconceived conscious expectations the clearer the images will be.

If you apply these scrying techniques and suggestions properly you will certainly be well on your way to divining the future. And who knows? You might even become then next Nostradamus.

Miles Tyler has over 11 years of experience helping others to realize their psychic potential. Discover how you can awaken and begin developing your psychic powers in as little as nine days even if you have no experience. You can also claim a free chakra report.

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