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Looking for answers? What to learn something interesting and new? Stay in touch with the latest news in divination, self help, spiritual growth, alternative health, and more. Below is a collection of articles you just might find helpful and inspiring. Enjoy! They are our free gift to you. No registration required.

Pendulum Dowsing - Easy To Learn Techniques

Pendulum Dowsing is a very fun and simple way to begin to measure energy fields. Learn easy techniques that are valuable and useful.

How to Read Tea leaves for Fun or Profit

The ancient art of reading tea leaves in a cup is quite simple, and can be learned in a very short time. Although psychics throughout the ages have used it as a system of divination, any one can learn to master the techniques involved. Before long you will be making predictions about the future for friends and family.

Introduction to I - Ching

The seasoned wisdom of thousands of years has gone into the makings of the I-Ching. Both branches of Chinese philosophy - Confucianism and Taoism have their common roots in this ancient calssic, known also as The Book of Changes. The I-Ching alone, among all the Confucian Classics, escaped the great burning of the books under emperor Chin Shih Huang Ti in 213 BC.

Aura Reading -- You Can Teach Yourself to Read Auras

Imagine you can see auras. People, plants, animals and inanimate objects appear to radiate a resplendent light. As you examine the colors and shapes of this light you begin to hear a voice inside you that guides you to understand the meaning of the colors and how they relate to the subject around which the aura emanates. Practice this imaginative process and begin to test the results of your perceptions. At first you may not seem to be getting accurate information, but with dedicated practice your imagination may result in the actual ability to see auras and divine real meaning through your new perceptions.

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