Angels at Work in Your Life


by Carolyn Porter

Most people believe in angels, but people have different ideas about them: they're far away, they only come around to protect us, they existed more in the past, they're a pretty decoration around the holidays, or that they'll see them one day when they get to heaven.

So let me tell you about angels.

They are real and are around you every minute of the day, at least your guardian angels are. And yes, you have more than one. You may not know of their presence, but I can promise they are there. They will not interfere in your life except to protect you from harm if it's not your time to go. However, they are waiting for you to ask for their help, and when you do, be ready.

Angels are made completely of love; they are messengers, guides, protectors, encouragers, supporters, gift-givers, miracle-workers, inspiring, calming agents and instructors who will gladly come instantaneously to your aid with just your thought. They have become my best buddies and I cannot imagine life without their daily guidance.

When you have an intention (thought), the universe immediately goes into action and begins to align with the vibration you sent out. This is the reason all thoughts create your life, so if you think fearful thoughts you create fearful (negative) situations, but if you think from a place of love you create wonderful (positive) experiences. That's where the angels come in, when you create from love, for they are by your side to assist you every step of the way, if you only ask.

I am in communication with my angels, the archangels and ascended masters all day every day. We talk all day long and when I have a problem or challenge I immediately call for their guidance. Never have they let me down and they always respond in divine timing if I simply listen. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they surprise me, sometimes amaze me, and always they come from love. Sometimes I just ask for them to stick around me all day because I enjoy knowing they're nearby, or I acknowledge how much I appreciate and love them. That knowing creates a deep serenity.

I began hearing them years ago but didn't know who or what it was. As I became aware of who was speaking to me, and that I wasn't going crazy, it opened a whole new world for me. The beauty of it is that you can also work with your angels. Some people can hear them, some feel them, and others see them. I have been blessed with hearing, seeing and feeling them. But the key is to listen to their messages.

What is it like to work with angels?

I have called upon writing angels when I've been instructed to write an article or book, and amazing things come into my brain, sometimes words I've never used before. They have comforted me when something upsets me and have given me signs when I asked for them. It might be a feather strategically placed nearby or an appearance of a coin on the floor in front of me. (They apparently like to use those signs) I might notice that a candle flame is flickering but there is no wind or moving air. Lights may flicker, something may brush against you or you may suddenly feel warmth around you or see light from an unexplained source. You might suddenly hear a particular song on the radio that gives you insights or see certain numbers repeated over and over, perhaps the house number of the new house you haven't seen yet but the universe is in the process of bringing to you. Here are some examples of angels at work.

1. My boyfriend and I had a disagreement of sorts. There was that period of silence that followed, and I was getting no where in breaking it. So I asked the angels to take over and finally let go of trying to fix it. Immediately as I gave up the control, they began working on him, talking to him and believe it or not, waking him up. He kept trying to go back to sleep but they kept after him until he got up; the rest you can probably guess.

2. My angels kept telling me to put my house up for sale some time ago. It was right before the holidays and not a good time to do this, at least that's what I told them. But they persisted and I argued my "case" with them until one day I gave it up and put up the for sale sign. But guess what�months went by and no sale. Every time I'd ask them what was going on and why they told me to do this without results, they'd tell me to be patient. Yikes, that again. I finally relaxed and waited. It took a total of 6 months for the house to sell, but in the end the things that unfolded were amazing. My younger son was to buy the house, but he wasn't ready and neither was I to let go of it. Neither of us knew this part of the story at that time. I grew a lot during the experience and it was an example of patience and trusting the process for my realtor, part of the reason for the experience. She was upset with the progress but I knew there was a bigger picture unfolding.

3. I've sent angels to help others when they're having difficulties. Sometimes the person tells me they felt their presence, but even if they don't I know they are there. How? Because the situation resolves in amazing ways that often surprises the other person. Or perhaps I asked for peace to envelop the person without their knowledge, and when we talked later they mention how an unbelievable feeling of peace surrounded them suddenly, about the same time I sent it via the angels. The angels want us to be happy and enjoy life, so they will do everything they can to help us, always in ways that will raise us up into higher levels, if we simply ask. They love to make us smile!

4. I might ask for insights or clarity and within a short period of time things come to me that I would have never thought of. That's why I said earlier to be ready if you ask for their help. Sometimes they keep me awake during the night with so many thoughts and ideas. I've asked them why they do it then and they just smile and say "all is well." And you know what? Even if I hardly receive any sleep I'm always fine!

5. One day I was driving my car and although I knew my gas was getting low it had slipped my busy mind and I had driven almost the entire way home before realizing I hadn't stopped for gas. This wasn't my usual pattern and as I set out a couple hours later for another destination, I noticed almost immediately that my low gas light had come on. Since my car was quite new and I had never let it get this low before, I wasn't sure how much gas I had left. I will admit I felt a little panicky for a moment since I was nowhere near a gas station and kind of out in the country. But I caught my thoughts and shifted to asking for the angels help. I continued driving and suddenly noticed that the low gas light wasn't on anymore and the needle had risen to a higher level than before. Now I've heard stories like this before but this was a first for me. I chuckled all the way to the gas station and continued to thank my angels for their help throughout the day. The gas gauge needle never went lower the rest of the trip to the gas station. There was no doubt in my mind that my angels had worked here.

Here's an important key.

When the angels help you, or even as you call upon them for assistance, thank them immediately, even before the request has been granted. They want to feel your appreciation and they should receive it.

Help and guidance are a thought away

They await you now. Ask them to make their presence known to you, or ask for more awareness of spiritual insights. Ask them to bring you the desires of your heart as long as those desires come from a place of love. They will bring you what you desire, or something better! Do you need help with making a decision? Are you longing for a life partner? Would a different job work for you but you don't know how to find it? Are you concerned about finances? Are peace and serenity something you would cherish at this time? Ask for your angels to bring it to you, for they are waiting for you to ask.

All of my work - wholeness coaching, energy work, speaking, writing � is a direct result of my communication with my angels. I wish this for you, and when you open to it you will be amazed how your life becomes extraordinary from that moment on.

Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is an inspirational speaker, author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, spiritual wholeness coach, trainer for speaking, and energy facilitator, who has discovered the extraordinary benefit of using her angels every moment of every day. She assists individuals in discovering how to use their angels in their own life.

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